Retailer Info

Thank you for checking out Buy the Vote Retailer Info page! In 2020, Buy the Vote! was launched on Kickstarter! We raised over $30k on Kickstarter and have delivered 500+ games to our supporters around the country. Check us out here:

Our next step is getting even more copies of Buy the Vote (BTV) into the world, and we’re looking forward to partnering with retailers, like you!  We’re confident that once people play, they will be hooked. 

Here are a couple of questions you may be asking:

How do we know Customers will be hooked and play this game?

Well we have tested the game at a bunch of conferences ranging from PAX East to a bunch of smaller Cons like Anonycon, Metatopia, and Granite Games Summit. We played with over 500 people and got amazing results. Over 95% of players wanted to play again, 86% of players would definitely recommend the game to somebody else, and 90% of players gave the game a 4 or 5 star out of 5 review. 


Why should you grab a couple of games for your store?

Well, we know Covid has been hard and many people are at home with their families. Buy the Vote! Is fantastic to play with kids and your family at home. Not only does it open up conversation with kids at home about elections and the importance of voting, Buy the Vote also has a repeatable mechanic that makes it easy for kids to learn and also strategic for adults to enjoy!


How can you grab a copy/How much does Buy the Vote cost?

If you have an Amazon Business account, we are offering 40% off to retailers if you order 12 games at $19.50 per copy. MSRP of Buy the Vote is between $30-$35. Check it out here!

If you are interested in a consignment deal, we are also open to that! Send us a message at!

If you do not have an Amazon Business account, reach out to us as well, we would be happy to accommodate your request!



Justin and Dave

Creators and Founders of Buy the Vote!