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What is Our Short Story? Coozies Games LLC started with a group of tight-knit cousins coming together to play board games during family gatherings and vacations. The familial fun and laughter inspired two of the cousins (Justin and David) to spread and share their enjoyment of board games with others. Ironically, in this highly connected modern world, we spend less quality time together with the people we care most about. Coozies Games LLC wants to build board games for people to bond over. So, get off social media, put down your smartphone, and start playing board games with your friends and family!

Fun Fact: The name "Coozies" is a nickname for the founders' group of 8 cousins! 

The Longer Story of the Journey and "Why" Buy the Vote!? Coozies Games is a family board game company. This is a story of a group of 8 cousins coming together to play board games during Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Grandma’s birthdays. It all started when Justin, a big board game fan, introduced simple games to the family such as Cockroach Poker, Skull, Bohnanza, and Coup. These were instant hits with the Coozies!  As time went on, Justin shared more "hardcore" games such as Dead of Winter, Cosmic Encounter, and Clank. These games took longer to learn and were harder for a more casual board gamer to pick up. As an avid board gamer, this inspired Justin with the idea to build board games that are quick, easy to learn, have high replay-ability, and are strategic in nature. By channeling Justin's board game playing experience and knowledge, Buy the Vote! was born in the Fall of 2018.

Dave joined Justin in the Fall of 2019 to help make BTV a reality! Although Dave is more "business-oriented" and "practical," he is also a dreamer and believes Coozies Games can make the world better through small changes. "What if BTV can make the topic of politics fun for kids and young adults?"
Justin (Left) and David (Right)

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